ok this is what I have trouble with this continiuty to everyday or every other day write and put my photos up !! i love the creating part and reading others bloggs , well what i  have created this last week 3 layouts  with lace card stock about 6-10 cards half doneyeat to frames with vintage feeling and trying to crochet -is it what is  called in english in swedish virkning just so you know..- anyhow its difficult and i cant get flowers nice and cute as all the other flowers i seen on OTHER bloggs well well practice makes perfect as they say, but its so time consuming and kind of boring fast is fun like LOs, mini albums and painting ..ok this could have something to do with the fact that  we have three young ones running around alldays here at home or? ok phots will come later I promise ..today i mean not next week solong for now.

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