HI there I hope your feeling great and happy
I  myself have been up taking care of my little ones about two weeks now one after the other...
 Today was yeat another day of bad weather and sickness so I tried to refreshen up on my PS skills with little brushes and such so I made a little winterwoman with some brushes and vintage pictures- http://the-feathered-nest.blogspot.com/ and http://www.obsidiandawn.got/ inspired by all these vintage altered art bloggs with beatiful art and crafts  and stamps with butterly people  so I took the picture and aded wings from a butterfly added swirly brushes as edge and snowflakes and stars. so pretty ok for along time no practice.I usually only make my photo look better ok now i must go ill uppload my altered canvases -soon hoppfully!
psst removed my  slideshows b´cas, I´ll change photorecourse..photobucket wasn´t that great for me.

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