creative saturday

home made peppermint candy... The second try- better than the first!! ;))

Homebaked bread is the best, well when I get it right that is! because I shoot from  the hipp with the recipie and let stand for at least 3-4 hours if not more - thank you "bullar av stål" I love you( a danish tv program about bread -camilla plum , shes the coolest/ the best!!)

And a card so far, plus a little walk with jumping in the waterpuddles in  the lovely WARM sunhine-is it true is it finally spring?? OK you never know , but it was fab today anyway!!
 but that was my creative saturday so far now I get the kids in bed, summon up my scrapps to enter that scrappmasters of sweden competition and hire "New moon" on the net .. U know I should probably be in that fan club mothers of twillight- but ill keep it to myself that Im a huge fan of the twilight books I loved them and read them all in row on the christmas break and I love how the true blood writers have twisted the books for something else I  love true blood too .. how cool if someone wrote a book and the worlds colided, huh?? upperclass/ low class, humanitary/ ego, sexy/ romantic,
soo hope you have great weekend hughs pia

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