getting over that -not to mess it up fear

Hi there, I have been  sort of sour this week; when  I go blogg hopping I sometimes get so bumed out by all these creative women all over the world, so I just dont want to make anything more ever!!
 but then I want to create something own even if its not even close to all those altering godesses and scrapbooking divas that are on each and every DT and have their work published every where, I want that too grrr.. -laughing- and I want my work to be unique and me..
so this week I got my christmas present from my cousin - tack tiina-(and she got mine- and no its not more than 60 min driveway between us, and the mail in Sweden works excellent, Its just becoming a tradition between us...;)) )- that amazing canvas album from prima she´s so sweet my scrapping buddy cousin,
  then that fear of not messing this gorgeous album up apears in my head and ¨what will I do with this¨ fear comes creeping, and I looked for insp. and the prima site- another jawdropping site those ladies...
anyhow I looked at that insp. album  on a bloggpost back in ast may I think, and thought I try that colour acrylic glitter thing to, so I started messing it up originaly aming for a turqoise colour but now more green and aqua with lots of glitter, I have made the cover and the to canvas pages ready now I need to embelish them some more with pappers and flowers is never wrong , the inner pages is another matter they hade such beatiful ideas at prima for those and stamping on those clear pages that was cool I thought, u see?
 I keep taking all those gorgeus things for my own album though I say I want to be original but I made it my self anyway, well, all roads leeds to Rome as the old saying goes!
canvas page
canvas page
the front of the album.

otherwise I saw the prima show with tutorial how to make an gordgous minibook, what patience to make that one  amazing, though a bit long show 2 hours, I must admitt I was not working along side so I scroled down half the show;) sorry, anyhow, I love those paintabels(?) pappers
 so I made some own designs just for fun 
heres a peek I dont know if its ok pictures to use when creating
but if so please feel free to use for personal use only ;

this one is with pionees and lace the other with notebookpaper and a pionee.
feel free too use -I would bee happy if you think their nice!! It would be awsome to see what that would look like, so please send a link if used and of course give me some cred.! if published / used
now Im hopping at the purple cows s:t patts blogghopp before going to bed godnight to all of you creative dreams to everyone!!
PSSt.. I am so exited that You have left some comments for me!
and thank you very much for your kind words!
 its the most rewarding bit with this blogging, U know my awkwardness to this..

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