Inspired by different sketches in different bloggs right now its always fun to push out of my own scrapping limits right now there is a contest called swedish scrappmästare 2010 on  a online scrappmag that is called allt om scrapp that sounded super fun they have five challenges first then there will be another round for those who pass so the first challenge is who has been the one other scrapper you been most influenced by make a scrapplift of that LO ...easy ..right ..ok my most inspiring ones has defenitly been elsie flannigan -my entrepreneur hero of diy and artsy stuff- but then nowadays the last year my style has been a collision with that style and Ingvid Bolmes Wonderful and marvelous unique style that has been copied everywhere and by me too into my own take of that romantic and bohochic style.. hard choice...wel I´ll go scrapp something or thinking of it anyway...

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