pencillines #186 -teresa collins sketch

Hi there!
 happy friday and and summer hello from stockholm its soo beatiful weather im looving it have been fixing my balcony and soon it will be lushus green from all summer plants- then I will send some photos right not so fun.  im a real city gardner u know!
heres the pencillens sketch, from last week made by theresa collins so I made it in here favorite colors and signature.
 but its kind of.. not that.. i dont know its like its not great great if u know what i mean but its fine?ok here it is any way
homedrawn lace at the bottom fingerpainted pebeo pearl color around the edges a black papper with some textured swirls on it a handmade heart with a cute moon button  a chippboard ornament apinted black and liquid perals on it some suede papper in the middle for some more texture and doily papper from the grossery store and a bit of inkido pink papper with script.a nd a plain pink papper to match instead of ribbon!


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