one week allready ???

Oh my this week has been flying away and yeat I dont think I have been doing much it just went by very very fast maybe due to fine weather and beeing outdoors allmost everyday from morning to evening been crashing to bed same time as the little ones ;) ok had some inspiration anyway made an altered hanger from clothes it was little and cute so I made it to a lovely love declaration
That cute little eiffeltower stamp I still like it

And the letter stamp handcut details and punched holes with hole punch

Thats this weeks creativness.. was thinking making los from sketches but I just hadnt the go to finish them until tomorrow made the card for 2s4u challenge and took a picture but I still havent my relodable batteries for the camera.. have been using a brand called aerocell that have been the best single use batteries for my camera so far, its working on AA batteries ..
soo of to find those relodable ones night and have a great week..   if my next week flies away too !!

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