Ohh 2S4Y DT call !!

Hi there, they are looking for a new DT at the 2S4Y !
super fun I´ll have to send in some cards to search! anyway have to give my best to shape up and not use to much Acrylic paint on those cards, though I think they have seen my style quite a few times now :), and always such sweet comments to my sketch cards, they brighten up my day thank you so much for those!

ok those are the sketches to work after; one by Laura and the other by Kazaan due 28 of oct.
so I´ll probably make some holiday cards its begining to be time for that now.
have a creative one!
pst have been rearraning my blogg again *fun,fun* its like playing with a LO, you move stuff here and there and then change it all around , all against the rules of advertising !...

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