ok random post again..

hi I looove PIPs style, they are amazing I would buy everything I mean everything from them if I had that kind of money *sigh*
just looking at cuuute site I dont want to turn the computer of..
I couldn´t get any images to come with me home *crying* so you just have to se for yourself over at their shop sooo sweet ok enough free pr for no money sorrry no more random babbling, todays forcast was windy as h.. and sunny and chilly I almost froze my behind of!  but thats the way it goes when you try to imagine its still summer tíme silly me,  its time for longjohns and rainpants and windjackets and socks and hats and gloves and my old ugly warm wintercoat *arrrghh*  remember summer sandals a stylish top a cute skirt and the sun glasses the little ones happy just running barefoot all the time even when trying force some shoes one and happy out of the door ..now its 25 min. of layers upon layers on all before leaving in the mornings for the oudoor day well the ups is.. refreshing airy wind..hrrm..beatiful tree colours, cosy evenings and I fall asleep very qiukly cant hardly think after a windy day like today.. thats how the weather is over here... a 2c4u coming soon and hopefully a LO
have a creative one OK?

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