All hallows eve in stockholm 6/11 2010 skogskyrkogården

candels for the dead

at skogskyrkogården

looking at the lights remebering those before us

a thai papper latern for  someone  beloved

för the first time I went with the kids to the big cemetary nearby, skogskyrkogården, that is the biggest in stockholm and a beatifuly designed place for remebrance and lit some candels that is the swedish tradition on all hallows eve, I know it was really last week and all but the swedish church rearenged things and thought it should be now instead... so it was a full of people from all over stockhom and all generations from the smallest to the oldest, to light candels, think of the lost ones and those beloved ones before us.
 It was interesting for me to I had never bene there on this evening myself either but this year I decided it was good for the kids to know  this tradition to, that is a big tradition here in sweden so of we went and bought some candels and went to the cemetary and lit our candels in the memorial ground,  they were fascinated by all the candels and the amount of people that was there in the evening, we were there about  6 - 7 pm, and I think its so beatiful a sacred forrest in the heart of stockholm though surounded by motorways and subways it still has serene feeling and you could still se all the stars above when in the middel of the cemetary , I think its a great tradition becouse in sweden theres not all that many traditions that brings people together this is great its allmost a kind of dia de muertos feel , , but of course in our swedish calm  and sensible way ;)
have a thoughtful day !

and something else too I saw this terrible movie "the cove" on tv and it was discusting,
 and I will never ever go to a dolphin show or aquarium where they keep dolphins, nor will I buy things from japan or go there before they stop these terrible things... my heart still cries.. not only this but all the stupid things we as a human race do to destroy this beatiful planet and the ecosystems...
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