some xmas cards not ready yeat..

hi! today I have made some x-mas cards with paints ands stamps and bit and pieces nothing done yeat tough, and then I came upon a fascinating guy Tim Ferris-while looking at beatiful papper stuff over at http://ohsobeautifulpaper.com/  there was some link and so on... anyways he says that 4 hour working week is a reality for all and everyone and then we could just roame the world and live our dreams, I was uterly fascinated and thought "wow" as I do to all halcrazed ideas ANYways.. the point.. and every testimonial like yeah we started our dream business with this idea and now automized the process, cut the crapp from our everyday life and working methods, and outsorced it and  leaned the organization and cut the costs, so now we only do what we want most of the days. Kind of anyways .. WELL I have A few questions .. if everybody does this and he says its possible.. then who will drive all busses trains aeroplanes and such to get us our beloved destinations? It takes longer than four hours to get to maui from sweden anyways.. then who will work at all factories in the world ´cas I cant see them with four hour time tabels..with new people after every four hours ok thats just some q....*about that issue and theres more q... ok  leave it to that ; )*
 have a great and creative day

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