Was my youngest sons 3 b-day( two weeks ago was my oldest sons b-day ,8,
 and can you say bad scrapper? b´cas I didnt take ONE picture the whole day...
 I was completly wrapped up in trying to mak it a great b´day for him with outdoors party
 in the park with friends and later in the evening the family came over for dinner,
so in then evening I remebered when going to my usual scrappbloggs! then My mother told me she had shot some pics with her mobil.. but anyway.. BAD scrapper BAD ;)))
 My scrapp/creative heart was warm when the 2 girls -friends of the family,( 10yS
said -You have SO much stuff! - Can we make something?
And then they made the most adorable cards and mini albums all by them self-
while my boys on the other hand A) fought B) vinced C) looked at a movie
D) played with the baloons sooo... Ok the boys love to make stuff to, so I should be fair! -LOL- 
but I thought it was cool to see the girls just get right into the stuff and making it their own!
 That Tattered Angels book I was talking about before,
 not worth my money in that sence, becouse I was expecting something else,
but its a pretty cool art journal now anyways. 
Crakeling paint over black  nice effect I thought and a cool prima stamp I have used all over the book plus my own artwork inspired by other cool artjournal makers out there and Julie-Ann Balzers bold colours.

Glitter is the answeer too...used stickels silver
sorry abot crappy colours on pic. ..midnight photoshoot...

Here I used stamp on thick layer wet acrylic paint, and it is a cool
relief effect for backdrop behind the rose and then stamped over again
with black ink on the other side and coloured

Really liking the effect of all those colours in that stamp its a kind of festive feeling,
 different aproach than the text berried beneth it
 - see older post about getting it out of your system..

Stamps, acrylics, glimmer mist, named pink something tough mostly golde nice anyway,
 and stickels and some crakle paint and this is what you could end up with ;)

Lovely winter so far; not to cold and loads of snow, not much wind, thats what I call a real winter, otherwise in Stockholm the  most of the winter usually tend to be grey slusshy and windy but not this year so far!
Have a great weekend, be creative! best wishes Pia

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