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Inspiraton for creating, bits & pieces of homemade stuff & cute stuff
 though it didnt work for me,See the little eiffel tower ?
made with a stamp in a clay called trolldeg in swedish ,thats a kind of salt dough.
hello my shabby blogs background wouldnt  work anymore and now I didnt remeber wich one I had  soo I´ll try this for a while or maybe just plain white with some decorations.. home drawn stuff hmmm..ok thats that .. ohh I bought some mobile phone bling stuff from a swedish shop called okaeri.se, soo I  get home some heart clay and other stuff soon ...
I wanted to compare if it was some difference to the other papper clay that I bought a cuple of weeks ago  hobbystore called panduro ( that I made those little decos with in my first attempt to deco bling a mobile,) but as the kids mostly used up and made little boats of when they heard me explain how light the clay was ... :)) so it is.. little boys find much more exiting stuff to make from all kinds of stuff than ol`boring mum!??
I loved the new little sign they had on shabby blogs !! The woman ironing there and the text its exactlly how I feel today.. pheeww.. why cant the landry just jump in by it self and then fold it self and then jumpt into right places, kind of like merlin in disneys the sword in the stone when he is packing...that would be super nice Ok  thats for my rambling tonight  have creative day y´all!!

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