freebie friday

Hi the spring has sprung ths week and we have been enoying a heat wave for this week- o so my oldest one didnt enjoy it on sunday when he got to much sun and had to stay in bed for the whole monday but anyways I have.. and here is the proof that the cherry trees is blooming here to they are sooo lovely I can´t get enough of pictures of pretty cherry trees against the turqoise sky and there for these are for you to use for free in any of you artwork and personla use, please give credit and if for commercial use you have to ask me first ;) as if that would happen!
 anyways Im really glad that there are some of you dropping by!

ohhh soo pretty..

turqoise and pink my favorite

blue skies up above us..
Ok this weekend I´ll beenjoing the eurovision song contest, has been a lifelong love of mine love to hate those bad songs and it is allmost allways the wrong song that wins! the latest song that was the right song it was two years ago when " fairytale" won with alexander ryback that is still one of my favorites, this year I have a hard time deciding for one song many enjoyable songs but the n´most engetic is the two Irish duracell twins with "lipstick" its sooo charming.. and energetic with youth..(I think Im kind of experiencing some sort of midlife crise feeling old and like a vampire soaking up youth when seeing those teenagers on tv ..ohh thats life I guess..)Have a kreative one!

Hejsan veckan har ju varit underbar och här är några foton som bevis och dom får du gärna använda i ditt pysslande för privat bruk om du vill använda det för kommersiellt arbete tag kontakt med mig , finns det något vackrare än dessa färg kombinationer? etsy svämmar över av konst foton på rosa blommor o turkosa himmlar men jag kan aldirg få nog det är ju såå vackert.. har scrappat men hittar inte min mapp idatan med bilderna just nu har INTE fixat den j-a buggen.. grrr.. jag vet klant.. men men och skapa nu nåt kul för det verkar bli himla bra väder för det i helgen regnigt och kallt igen brrr...! ha det!

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