challenge for pencillines # 184 by stacy young

I have been drooling all over those prima pappers al winter and those prima white flowers that you can alter and make sooo cute stuff with ,  and the and the... ok enough of non paid company endorsement -HA!
 anyway soo I dragged  my to young ones to the nearest SB store with white prima flowers to see them IRL - NOT to recommend with a tiered 2 1/2 that can do it SELF and a 4 year one that gets the hang of things that is to buy papper in a papperstore.. ( thats why the godesses invented internet shopping!)
anyway some swetty 30 min later some pappers and a packet of flowers and leafs later and one happy SB shop owner that was glad to get rid of us, I later last evening put together this LO with a painted flower and leafs, a cake doily from  the grocery store thank you very much and no, not ligning free but not touching photo either. aquarelle painted swirls, hand texted journaling, and a vine made with tulip 3d paint not that crazy about the colour but its ok, the papper was of course the bakside of a prima papper the one with letters all over on the front-  that I will transform soon, and yes sometimes I do that, 2 LOs on one papper because its a terrible waste of pretty papper othervise if not using both sides when making los, on such pretty pappers, and those times I carefully avoid stitching and stappling of course through the papper!
Ok thanks for looking have a nice day!

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