my little box

Hi this is a box I made after seeing it on primas live show two weeks ago it was so cute and seemed so clever and cute so i tried it , I rarely make boxes and clever cards becouse I am not that exact when drawing lines and messuring inches for foldes.but this was so clever bcas if you fold it wrong then it will hide under the the patterned papper that you decorate with and you dont have to messure and cut anything, I didnt
                                              ! So I made a step by step just for fun hope you enjoy!

  1. )first take one sheet of cardstock fold it fold it fold it  ( youll have to hope on to prima marketing to see the exact one or google it -she said it was an wellknown fold)

  2. )now for the decorations, papper from inkido and websterpages and the blue one was k & company I think 

  3. )  cut out so that the pappers fit in those trianges at the cardstock

  4. ) on the outside i glued a long piece in the middle 

  5. ) stamping with my favorite stamp from panduro

  6. ) painting with watercolours swirls and drawing roses with black pen

  7. ) tadaaa...
se you now il make some stuff for those card challenges at 2sk4u and pencillines and that skissedilla , im all into challenges rightnow, fun fun.. have a great day and creative!

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