ok I found the missing link..

hi  there, I finally found that dang camera (cord?) sladd in swedish ;) that I been looking for all week , so I can uppload those projects..I was to pack it down before the easter holidays in my bag and then I left in a very hard to find place instead  u wanna know? u know that corner in the kitchen where all those needfull stuff is stuffed,  like kids beads,other bits and pieces of everything!  that is useful not to throw away.. I know I have that from my parents they grew up in finland after the war soo its in my blood.. but I usealy stuff away the stuff in a drawer and wonder why all the cuppboards is loaded no not that bad ....yeat.. I admire peope who can keep those bits and pieces in an orderly and o neat and logic way.. aaanyhow sorry about the delay if anybody is cheking my blogg regurarly but it seems im not the only one in the scrappblogging comminty maybe its the spring? I have made a few projects tried to aim for that scrappmaster contest..but I didnt finish that one.. now Ill try out for primas DT instead, in competition with you milions of talanted women all over the world...
here is anyhow a LO made for that scrapp contest in mind the challenge was to make;  journaling -handdrawn and only patterned papper ribbons, no lace, paint,hand drawn ilustrations/doodlings,everything handcut, and buttons and now I see that i forgot the button part ha!
 I was to add  buttons around that little pic of the elephant with white frame I havent gotten to it yet.

then I made this one for the scrapplift challenge, with inspiration from
 Ingvild bolmes LO "you melt your mothers heart",

ok thats a post folks!! now ill have to give some tlc to my middle one whos getting fever right now.

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