long time no writing!

so ... hope you have a great time this summer so far! I have really enjoyed a warm month of all sun and no rain today is the first rainy day in a month! but it is surelly needed  creating yes of course ! I have painted two paintings and some LOs but have no photos.. and msotly just baking, cooking, everyday chores dont go on vacation ha! its just more fun to hang the landry out to dry in the sun! picking strawberries, playing games, swiming in the lake and enjoying the days.
looking forward to see the realeses at CHA the coming week  these are some of my favorites so far

pinkpaisleys cool details
and they  to made a collection of cute pappers to mist and ink
these cute rose buttons/ embellishments from american crafts
polkadots from cratepapper lovely!
autumn colors from hambly screenprint and beautiful vines

romantic pappers from prima and they have tons of lovely flowers as allways..
soo se you at twopeas in abucket for their CHA events!

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