HI you happy weekend celebreting eid al fitr or not, this my LO for today 
 I have been having fun making this LO it makes me happy with its colours!
 ok not much else in the creative side been busy making cakes one that came out great, a frozen choclate mousse cake, and another for a layer cake called `senator` , it´s a classic balkan party layercake with merrengiue layer and cake layers assembled with vanillacustard filling whipped cream mixed with that wonderfoul fudge like, sweetened milk - that you have to boil for three hours in its can -that cake layer didn´t come out that great!
Ill have to make a simpler version of that one.. that buggs me I have been trying to make this cake  many times and I can´t seem to get it right now eather ..hmm..I get tired of trying to make the cake and then remember it for someones birthday or something and try to make it again,  but this thime I just make it somewhat simplified  it will surely come out great to!
Ok so Im of to making that cake for celebrating my beloved mums 60 b´day and hope you have a great weekend to!

colorful LO with handdrawings &  homemade flower

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