on monday the 6 Julie Fei-Fan Balzer starts this fun creative holidays handmade

Hi´yall!!  hope your fine out there and feeling happy and creative and loved..
sometimes you dont but you are.. remember that *not to one self- sigh* crazzyyy men I just tell, ok nuff said..
 lets move on tooo this super fun event*look above* yeeeehhhaaa!
guess I love here work soooo much, gets me in a happy mood just looking at her work and want to create and paint, love that it dosen´t get me in "frozen hare on the creative high way"- mood like tim holtz or other super stars work do b´cas there soooo frkn awesome...
ok I will update with some work on a tattered angel book I bought (3 months ago got it this week- ´cas I thought about applying for the tattered angels team, bought some mist, tags, glitter glaze and that mistable ribbon papper,and finally got it home- herendous trouble I will make for my self, -thought I´d save a few bucks buying on the net from a online shop that had the best prices on TA stuff, quite the opposite it turned out to be.. some frkn hotmail spam guard that stopped my letters from the onlineshop so I had to pay due costs instead.. arrgghh..grrr..) well well thats a lesson sort that spam out my self right?? se youall latter thanks for reading- go create some stuff dont just blogg surf around!!( like I have been doing this week;))
best wishes/ pia

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