Hi, long time no writing!

Hi how are you? here its raining and snowing and snow melts away to freeze over to ice the next day ,ischh!
I have not been scrapping OR artjournaling that I thought I would ... I been obsessed surfing around japense kawaii cute sites at etsy and japanese magazines for teens, looking at kawaii cute stuff such as jewelery, beads nailrhinestones,  cute cute cute stuff! like bling on EVERYTHING and so I made some own stuff had to try first a cellphone case for a iphone 3g,

The little lollipop and  cherry and rose is handmade in a lightweight clay that I painted the crown is bought but painted and the space between it all is filled wth pearlized puff paint, love the look though I dont have a iphone!
Just had to test ;)

Close up on that cherry...

And after that I made some waffles for necklaces 

                                                            Such a cutie!

Though I would never wear it my self, its a liiitle over the top for a girl MY age, huh?So now Ill just have to post them somewhere and sell them cant have pieces and pieces of this lying around..presents for little girls/teens maybee.. I dont know so many of those..

Here is a large amount of misting with Tattered Angels mist and  acrylic colour blended with water in a little mist bottle for that pink colour, webster pages patterned pappers, handjorunaling of course and some new stamps that I bought in my creative xmas present for me :) anyways the stamp is from pink paislee and I have sewn some stitches on the side and experimented with a embossing pen and clear embossing powder I bought BUT the embossing pen is that blue one so it shines through and doesnt give me that clear shine that I was aiming for like in pink paislees pappers and others so Ill have to order a new one .. 

Here I played with old pappers from my scrappstach and sew on tattered angels tissue papper with notes and stamped life with that prima stamp that I bought and cut up the letters and butterflies one and one. and lots of TA glimmer mist I mistaklengly said it was a boring product sorry I was WRONG, it was super fun have been misting everything made in paper hmmm.. better late than never right?! The photos I wrote out on my own, with a background note papper from a vintage birdkit that I love from scrapgirls sooo worth the money. haven´t had ink to do so in along time and now when I have, guess what? A little tiny thing from the kids got stuck inside so now I cant do anything again.. Its not ment to be this writter and me... A NEW one right*LOL*??
 And made some strawberries and crakers the same style but I havent painted them yeat. Ok shall post some LOs from a while back and try to finish a work in progress and drool over beatiful art journaling pages over at balzeer designs.. and find some other card sketch site that i like cas 2 sketches 4 you is closing down buhu ! it was a fun blogg and beatiful creations..and Oh alice challenge blogg is also closing down after a year it was also a favorite  . but there is so  many fun out ther like to norwegian sites that i discovered one is called `creative house` and the other `that just so cute`, lovely ones I think!
Have a creative day!

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