A cute decoration kit formobilphones that I found on strapyaworld.com, cute cute,

 it must be the winter that makes me go all awww over those cute stuff cant wait for go in skirts and sandals and tshirts, now its layersupon layers of clothes - and the winters here is not that freezing- but anyways I rather feel warm when outside with the kiddos than freeze to the bone in the wind, my point was somehow that cute is good but warm is better and I get my sweet tooth fullfilled from making cute stuff ?!?
music and teater museum in Stockholm, teaterpuppets from (china??)

The sign told of the puppetmasters profession was inhereted from father to son and everyone specialized in one  character of these traditional dramas, so that an old man could lead the movements of the puppet and sound as a young princess bcas he had whole life of  acting behind him, that sounds like real dedication interest in a profesion ?!
Have a creative weekend all!!

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