things we done this summer...

homemade jewelry

eating icecream

eating watermelons



looking at the butterflies...

chasing-catching that is..- fish in the ocean..

smelling the flowers ...

and scrapping some more...
and the time between that was the usual crazy stuff with three little boys , stopp fights, meddle between brothers, washing, cleaning, cooking and a wonderful eather on top of that a really fantastic summer ( with places seen and things done and lazy day,s not to much stress trying anyways not to stress out to often)..so far still some left I hope weather wise beforethe snow sarts falling..brr.. seariouslly considering warmer places over winter months this winter gets harder for me every year .. but still  old habbits die hard and were roted here and all that well well life will tell.. hope you all had a fantastic summer too :)

hoppas ni har haft en underbar sommar som ni ser har vi haft en sommar med vad allt det innebär och ett underbart soligt väder tycker jag iaf,  och tiden mellan dessa sommar bilder har ägnatsåt det som gör i min familj som tre pojksmamma stoppat gräl , grälat själv tvättat diskat städat lagat mat  ni vet livet ok hoppas ni har det bra kram!

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